A photo is worth a 1000 words with themed opportunities to promote your business.


Your social media marketing will be supercharged after adding a ‘share-worthy’ photo op to your practice. Kids will love having their pictures taken with charming characters, and parents will love sharing adorable photos of their kids online. When the buzz online is coming from parents, it will be received as more genuine and will do more for referrals than your content or paid ads ever could! Include a sign or logo with your photo op, so it will be easy to identify your practice.

Themed photo opportunities range from vehicles kids can sit in, to a character on a bench. Add your characters to stone, metal, or wood benches for a cohesive theme.

Our exterior photo opportunities are painted with a high-quality exterior paint that resists damage from the sun and elements, ensuring your patients will get great pictures for years to come.

Want to add a friendly face to your office right away? We also have a selection of pre-designed waiting room guests and check-in visitors.

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Friendly sitting blue elephants as office photo opportunity in jungle adventure themed pediatric clinic
Colorful sculpted hot air balloons in office waiting rooms as unique photo op for kids dental office
Turtle surfing on large sculpted wave with interactive surfboard for photo ops in games room for a pediatric dentist
Firefighter elephant and rescued dalmatian driving firetruck out of firehouse wall mural in a cartoon town themed dental practice
Eagle character wearing football gear and barnyard animal photo ops in kids dentistry waiting rooms
Smiling seal with fishing gear and friendly sitting zebra characters as photo ops for family clinic waiting rooms
Winter and backyard themed photo ops of a snowman, a dog and a cat for a pediatric dentistry
Custom statue photo ops of dentists made as superheroes in a magical fantasy themed pediatric office
Sunken ship wall cladding with faux wooden benches featuring colorful octopus
Exterior photo op bench of a surfer dolphin and waiting room seating with pelican nested on faux wood pier pillars
Custom exterior landmark of elephant and hatching dinosaur with company logo and Interior photo op of large sculpted wave with surfing dog
Jungle themed seating with sitting hippo and rhino characters as photo opportunities for kid friendly office waiting and play rooms
Outdoor wooden benches with friendly giraffe and moose mascots as exterior photo ops
Surfer turtle mascot with colorful surfboard including eye test chart and exterior photo op of turtle holding toothbrush
Cute pug mascot on surfboard with giant sculpted ocean wave with gaming tablets for a pediatric dental office play area
Outdoor park benching with red hog sports mascot photo op for a kids dentistry
Sports fan sculpted gorilla sitting on outdoor bench with child for a dental clinic
Metal bench with company name and custom made turtle, alligator characters wearing company logo shirts inside clinic waiting area
Robo dragon and large dinosaur photo ops sitting on benches for kid friendly dentists
Astronaut reading newspaper with colorful spotted alien on space themed outdoor seating for a pediatric practice
Pediatric nurses posing with purple hippo mascot on exterior benching for a kids ortho and dental clinic
Cute woolly mammoth in badlands themed rocky benching for kids dentistry clinic
Wrangled up cow sitting next to rancher pig character on themed hay bale exterior benches
Biker dinosaur driving on real motorbike with attached sidecar for photo ops
Sculpted roving space buggy with space rocks and farm truck surrounded by farm animals and real wood wall cladding
Safari jeep photo op coming out of rainforest themed wall mural in a pediatric office play area


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This book will get you thinking about all of the possibilities for your future themed office. Book Volume 7 features photos from our most recent office installs, great success stories from our clients, and a look at our new Contemporary Collection.