We design custom gaming to suit any age group and office size. From video games to play panels, we can keep your patients entertained.


Turn wait time into game time! Get creative with your game stations by building tablets or game consoles into sculptures of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want an entire sculpted wall, themed stand-alone towers, or a mural backdrop, you can create an immersive gaming experience within your practice. Tablets and game consoles come preloaded with games, so your patients can jump right in and play!

Want to get your patients gaming right away? Check out our selection of pre-designed game towers.

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Contemporary pediatric office designed custom gaming play area with relaxing forest landscape mural
African themed kids play room with gaming tablets and sculpted wall reliefs of friendly animals and safari jeep
Medical office waiting room with wall mounted games and lively jungle animal murals
Close up of cute bug themed walled gaming tablets with ant and grasshopper art for a pediatric office clinic
Purple hippo captain on top of sculpted steamboat wall relief featuring fun monkey characters and gaming stations for a kids dental center
Sculpted utility backpacks and custom made crate with built in kids game tablets for a savannah safari themed dental care office
Childrens play area with fun African cartoon murals filled with lions meerkats and gorillas for unique dental office
Gaming areas for dental practices with integrated colorful jungle and bayou murals and kid friendly crate sculptures inside pediatric office
Engaging gaming area for kids dentist with interactive space station themed buttons, lights, and levers
Tablet gaming rooms with jungle and safari murals in kid friendly dental practice
Surfing and African themed play areas for kids with included gaming tablets in pediatric clinic
Realistic nature murals featuring wall mounted gaming tablets for a calming pediatric environment
Cute underwater and jungle ruin themed gaming towers with interactive tablets for medical waiting rooms


Include play panels and a bead table in your office for some hands-on fun. This is a great option for young children and can also be incorporated into your theming.

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Help your patients burn off some energy before their appointment with slides and soft play characters for climbing and crawling. We offer optional cushioned flooring for higher impact play.

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Clinic waiting room with a sandcastle themed kids slide and wooden pier custom seating
African adventure play area featuring a cushioned slide and sculpted crate like seating in a dental office
Small kids slide with ladybug bush side panels in a office wait room
Red and white medieval tent enclosed play area with a friendly elephant knight and attached slide for a dental practice
Sculpted soft sand castle slide and play area with surrounding beach themed wall murals for a family dentistry
Realistically sculpted hollowed out tree with a small slide and an interior play room in a office waiting area
African tree and green safari tent themed play areas with built in kids slides for office waiting rooms
Slide designed like a whales tail coming out of water in a mall kids play area
Dental assistant sliding down sculpted sand castle in a beach themed pediatric practice
Indoor play slide designed like a penguin habitat zoo enclosure with snwo covered rock features and a craw tunnel
Kids play structure with metal like cladding and space themed decals for a play area
Close of up of sand castle slide with multicolored starfish and shell reliefs for an enclosed play area
Tiki hut play area entrance and slide built into wall for a fun custom jungle themed clinic
Sculpted wall cladding made to look like jungle ruins with gold and blue accenting for the entrance to a kids play room in a dental office
Underwater themed play area with coral cladding and sea animal soft play characters
Cute green fish and a turtle for an ocean themed active play area
Close up of a friendly sculpted lion for a kids soft play area
Purple hippo character in a child friend play space
Sculpted brown bear catching a trout in a kids play area for soft play and climbing
Beaver hiding in a log soft play character in a open play room
Climbable faux log with a soft coating in a woodland themed play area


Excited children and video games can be quite noisy. If you want to maintain a quiet area in your waiting room, a separate games area for children is the perfect solution. Theme the doorway or the entire room to create a play area specially for kids.

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Atlantis themed entrance to kids play and theater room for a family dental office
sculpted hollowed out tree and a jungle clearing act as play room entrances for a kids dentist
Doorway entrance to kids play area with custom sculpted tree surrounds, colorful jungle animals and bamboo signage
Exterior and interior view of interactive learning area for kids with barnhouse theming
Jungle bamboo hut doorway surround to play area with custom wall cladding and signage
Childrens play area with underwater rock cladding and surrounding ceiling hung swimming animals
Tiki hut play corner for kids with wall mounted games and bamboo reliefs for a pediatric office
Games room themed like a sunken ship surrounded by silhouette murals in a dental clinic
bright yellow submarine
Hollowed out tree sculpted play corners for kid friendly dental offices
fun and whimsical play area inside a hollowed out jungle tree covered in bright vines and animals
dentist office kids play spaces designed like sunken pirate ships with carved wood detailing and vibrant underwater murals
Jungle ruins inspired entranceway to a kids play and theater room in dental office
bright red double decker bus and train car themed play areas for little kids in a pediatric clinic


Education Stations are a great way to entertain, engage, and educate patients as they wait for their appointments. Interactive learning has a deeper impact than passive listening. You can incorporate education into any theme.

An interactive station lets kids get hands on with teeth, touching squishy cavities and smelling stinky cavities. A giant model of a mouth lets children learn how to brush and floss their teeth.

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Fact board for dental plaque with interactive cross sections and info signs inside pediatric office
Educational room with sculpted teeth displays, fun brushing stations and wall mounted tablets inside farm themed dental clinic
Close up of giant lower jaw exhibit on top of barn crate inside interactive learning station
Hands on learning station with interactive giant teeth, microscopes, and helpful fact placards for kid friendly dentistry
A giant dinosaur head busting out of a wall with removable teeth and hidden educational graphics
Sculpted teeth on display for interactive learning with dental fact signage in pediatric practice
Hands on set of human teeth designed for education in farm themed pediatrician office


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