Transform your office with colorful graphics and friendly characters!

Our custom murals are illustrated by our talented team of artists who design around your existing office features. You'll never have to worry about a lightswitch covering a character's face! Want to add a personal touch? Include your company logo, add mascots, or create characters that match your theme, and IDS will bring your vision to life.

Looking for a pop of color right away? Our pre-designed murals offer a large selection of illustrated kid-friendly scenes, contemporary designs, and our signature 'I Spy' murals.


An IDS wall mural is the perfect way to liven up any space and make it more family-friendly. In addition to custom-designed graphics, our library of pre-designed murals includes a wide range of themes and styles. Choose from a large selection of illustrated kid-friendly scenes, contemporary designs or one of our signature ‘I Spy’ murals and turn your walls into a creative and engaging distraction for young visitors.

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sculpted robot dragon and squirrel in pediatric clinic reception area with candy and cityscape wall murals
kid friendly jungle mural with baby tigers and sloths in pediatric procedure room
safari themed mural with waterfalls and animals with custom ceiling sculpted animals in open bay
play room in medical office with cute sculpted rhino character and safari murals
whimsical space themed reception desk and friendly alien photo op with door and wall murals
colorful play area in pediatric office with custom gaming stations and underwater murals with fish and swimming whales
calming treatment bay with ocean themed wall and window murals
tropical ocean murals with fun facts and a sculpted shark character inside office theater room
underwater wetland wall murals with friendly alligator sculpted character swimming above dental treatment bay
cartoon elephant ziplining with cute monkey character wall mural inside pediatric operating bay
custom mural featuring northern lights and arctic animals inside treatment room
sports themed clinical waiting room with sculpted eagle football player  and surrounding stadium mural
medical open bay for kids with realistic sculpted whale swimming with fish and coral reef wall murals
california inspired wall murals and tooth shaped hot air balloon with custom themed gaming area for dental clinic
rainforest landscape mural with scuba diving hippo, monkeys, and waterfalls in medical office
playful barnyard animals running around in field
reception space with wetland themed floor and wall murals, custom tiger mascot, and friendly swamp animals
wall art of cute tiger parade float and swamp landscape with custom tiger mascot and friendly animals for in treatment room
colorful dinosaurs playing in tropical themed wall mural for pediatric clinic
waiting area surrounded by fantasy jungle murals and hot air balloon sculpture mounted on ceiling with animal mascots inside
woodland reception desk with bark like cladding and vibrant illustrated murals


Add a game of "I Spy With My Little Eye" to any mural. Throughout the mural, our artists will hide various items for children to find. A sign with a list of objects invites children to try and "spy" each item.

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I Spy game mural filled with a calming afternoon bayou landscape and animals playing.
bright and busy backyard themed mural for a treatment room with colorful animals and toys
waiting room mural featuring illustrated I Spy game with a Dr Seuss inspired landscape and jungle animals flying and playing
an I Spy mural of a red barn and an expansive pasture landscape with a dog riding a truck, birds flying overhead and a beaver playing a banjo
exciting barnyard themed mural of an animal rodeo with an I Spy game for a open bay
close up of children playing a game of I Spy on a custom jungle themed mural featuring scuba diving animals, waterfalls and colorful fish
bright and vibrant jungle mural filled with
beach themed I Spy mural with surfing turtle and schools of fish swimming while birds play on the sand for pediatric healthcare office
mural of a bustling city on a river surrounded by a mountain range and lush forest
lively African jungle mural filled with bright fruit trees and animals relaxing around a watering hole
bright coral reef mural with friendly underwater schools of fish, a sunken ship and multicolored ocean plant for a pediatric office
an Aztec ruin sculpted door surround is accompanied by an exciting mural of jungle scenery in a waiting room
an underwater wetlands mural with filled with hidden objects, swimming fish and a brushing manatee character in a operating bay
a waiting room with sculpted log benches and a zoo themed mural with various animals in habitat enclosures


Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with murals that complement your interior decor. Silhouette murals are a calming alternative that utilizes a simplistic color palette that appeals to a wide age range.

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silhouette mural of wildlife filled rainforest with relaxing colors surrounded by a sculpted jungle tree canopy and hanging monkeys inside dentistry waiting area
soothing blue toned silhouette murals of Atlantis and underwater sea life surrounding patient operation chair in dental clinic
calming mural of a wetlands sunset depicting fireflies, flying herons, and a purple twilight sky
early morning silhouette mural of farmland and barn animals with verdant scenery in a office waiting space
dental operating bay with deep blue silhouette wall murals of undersea coral reef life and schools of swimming fish
pediatric dentist treatment room with silhouette murals of underwater dolphins fish and plant life for calming patients
relaxing wall murals of everglades scenery with simple green toned silhouettes for a patient waiting room
african jungle silhouette murals detailed with a giraffe, playing monkeys and a tropical canopy in a patient treatment room
ocean themed wall mounted gaming stations with cool colored silhouette mural of a sunken ship scene and underwater ocean life
sculpted coral reef ornament for real fish tank with swimming sharks and dolphins overhead for silhouette mural decorated medical clinic waiting room
themed dentistry waiting room with barn theming and sculpted farm animals looking from above with surrounding green toned silhouette murals
dental procedure bay adorned with simplistic anxiety relieving silhouette mural of amazon rainforest
cool toned wall mural of pirate shipwreck aquatic animals and plant silhouettes inside pediatric dental clinic room
warm calming silhouette murals of sunset in tropical environment with jungle canopy and flying birds all over family dentistry office


Evocate nature with a clean and stylish aesthetic, while still bringing your patients the distraction and stress relief of a fully themed office.

With a focus on sophisticated color palettes, minimalistic murals, and geometric 3D sculptures, our contemporary collection is curated to harmonize seamlessly with your space. This affords you the opportunity to theme even the most clean and modern office and appeal to visitors of all ages.

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Want to add a personal touch to your mural? Our skilled illustrators can create a likeness of you or your children to add into the artwork.

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custom dentist caricatures in a fairy fantasy themed wall mural for a pediatric office
caricatures of dentists in magic inspired murals for childrens dental clinics
custom cartoon character of pediatric dentist created for Illustrated dentists traveling the world in themed dental clinic with
operatories with world adventure themed murals featuring custom caricatures of dentists
custom drawn character of dentist riding van in a travel themed hallway mural
dentists piloting a time machine underwater in a themed mural for pediatric practice
a vibrant and colorful illustrated ocean mural including custom characters
drawn dentist caricature swimming underwater with sharks and fish for a friendly mural
murals featuring custom art of kids in a jungle safari for a dental office
submarine porthole mural with kids scuba diving alongside sharks and fish in a pediatric practice
treatment room mural with a custom illustration of dentist underwater with other animals
caricature of dentist as a mermaid in a bright ocean themed mural for a kid friendly clinic
pediatric office gaming area mural featuring kids as characters in african safari
detail of a scuba diving dentist character in wall mural for a undersea themed practice


Murals can go on more than just walls. These designs can be overlaid onto any style of windows and doors and are a great way to keep your theme flowing throughout your office.

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orthodontic office exterior with vintage signage and train cart window murals
graphic window decals of safari animals and explorers for a themed pediatric dentistry
exterior of dental practice with beach themed graphic murals
custom window and door decals with fun colorful jungle animals for a childrens dentistry office
open bay with window decals of realistic plant life and cute Asian animals
dentistry open unit adorned with bright beach themed cut window murals and colorful yellow and blue seating
door with light up frame and alien spaceship inspire sculpted decals and a medieval castle door  with faux wood cladding and cobblestone framing
a beach hut themed bathroom door with tropical island murals next to a restroom door with a blue outhouse mural
side by side of jungle door decals featuring a friendly tiger and purple hippo characters
two office doorways featuring custom cut murals of underwater scenery and cute animals
sliding doorways displaying an underwater mural filled with vibrant sea life and a African safari with explorers driving a jeep
a window displaying installed colorful jungle decals with friendly giraffes
rainforest inspired exterior window murals
open bay divider walls with artwork of teeming underwater animals and plant life


Add a playful mural to treatment benches and office storage by simply extending your theme to cover furniture as well. These murals help the whole office come together.

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pediatric bench designed with playful rainforest animal murals and leopard fur seating
multiple dental treatment benches decorated with jungle cat fur murals
medical office cabinet with a waterfall decals and a sculpted fish head sticking out
office storage for orthodontic clinic with cute construction themed caricature murals
office island desk customized to look like wooden ship sailing through an ocean floor mural with sculpted animals
front office reception desk featuring wraparound jungle mural with playing monkeys, a hippo, and alligator characters for pediatric clinic
pediatric hospital wing central reception desk with bamboo jungle murals,  jungle animals and  welcome signage


Double-sided divider walls are the perfect product to create separated spaces just for children. They are great for dividing up your open bay treatment area or for blocking off a play corner in your waiting room.

Choose from a variety of great designs. Use the same graphic on both sides or mix and match.

click images to enlarge

treatment bay divider wall of a colorful peacock in Asian themed scenery
large fantasy tree divider walls in a magical forest themed office space
divider walls featuring graphics of swimming river animals and plant life
divider walls in a kid friendly treatment open bay featuring artwork of a river dolphin and an otter
fun pediatric office space featuring a divider wall of a dolphin character with a beach themed mural in the background
an exciting open treatment bay with divider walls of surfing animals and beach scenery
wall dividers for a dental practice with colorful artwork of underwater creatures and plant life


Office theming doesn't have to stop when you reach a wall. Faux Window Murals give the impression of a themed world outside with friendly characters peering into your office. Frames can be matched to your existing molding to blend in with your current windows and decor.

click images to enlarge

faux window design with cute cartoon frog, turtle and friendly smiling crocodiles in bayou scenery
three faux windows feature murals of a bayou landscape filled with illustrated swamp animals in a medical wait room
waiting room lined with mural windows of a manatee and otter character in a underwater river environment
pediatric operatories with giant custom faux windows of whimsical jungle art and colorful animals
realistic woodland scenery in faux windows with friendly woodland creatures and brushing beaver and bird holding floss for kids dentist
custom faux windows with lively lemurs and custom dentist caricatures in jungle themed medical offices
sculpted faux windows with illustrated woodland bear and raccoon characters for childrens health clinic
dental treatment rooms with arctic ocean themed faux window with farm inspired faux window with hot air balloons
california inspired faux windows with boardwalk fair and Hollywood themed artwork in kids doctors office
childrens dentistry with custom designed faux windows including amusing jungle themed artwork of an elephant and friendly snake with scenery
themed faux window murals
custom faux window murals for treatment rooms
farm themed faux window murals
custom wall murals made to look like windows


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