A landmark draws patients to your office and signs help them find their way.


Let your building advertise for you! Landmarks are large theming elements added to the exterior of your office that get your practice noticed. Exterior theming will attract new patients and get the community talking about you. "Turn left at the giant octopus" will become a common phrase.

These amazing landmark characters can be secured to roofs, facades or concrete pads on the ground. They are painted with a high quality exterior paint that resists damage from the sun and elements.

Sign Media Canada awarded IDS "Best in Show" and "Unique Sign Winner" for 2016 for their imaginative work with signage much like this hilarious elephant and gorilla in a Jeep bust out.

Huge accolades indeed, but the real winners are the practices who commission features like these; they are the talk of the town! A landmark is THE easiest way to market your business and create local buzz.

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Giant gorilla and elephant busting out of dental office wall driving a jeep as an outdoor landmark
Exterior landmark of a sculpted killer whale, a surfing crocodile and other beach animals coming out of a dental practice wall
Friendly monkey riding an elephant and a jeep driving crocodile bust out of a wall as part of a jungle themed dental office
Giant sculpted landmark of a pirate ship with an octopus captain on the outside of a dental practice
Kids posing on an exterior sculpted landmark with a river rafting elephant, tiger and snake for a themed office
Different angles of a sculpted giraffe and hippo driving a jeep through the exterior wall of a pediatric dental office
Landmark of a farm themed office with animals chasing after each other on the exterior of a fun barn themed clinic
Giant pink and blue dinosaur holding a toothbrush on the roof of a dental office
Huge friendly purple hippo and birds overlooking the rooftop of a pediatric dentistry
Exterior landmark of a scuba diving octopus character on the roof of a dental office
Giant smiling horse and cow sculptures overlook the entrance of a pediatric practice
Gorilla, elephant and giraffe mascots serve as giant exterior landmarks for a jungle themed dental office
A sculpted lion and his cute cub sit atop the roof of a family dentistry
The facade of a kids dentistry office featuring giant, friendly jungle animal mascots
A monkey swinging on dental floss with an explorer elephant character and toucan as rooftop landmarks for a dental office
Friendly smiling walrus hangs looks over the roof  of a dental office as a fun exteior landmark
Giant spotted scuba diving octopus with sprawling tentacles covers the rooftop for a pediatric office
Exterior landmarks for a dentistry with cute teddy bears, a green dinosaur and jungle animals
Custom sculpted lion and cheetah characters on top of a pediatric office entrance way
A blue diver octopus covers a rooftop for a dental office as an exterior landmark
Brightly colored floatplane with a sculpted waterfall affixed on the front wall of a pediatric dentistry


Help patients find their way and ensure your practice stands out with eye-catching, award-winning exterior signage from IDS. There are many options for creating your custom signage including sculpted 3D signs, laser-cut acrylic letters, and heavy-duty PVC board with eye-catching graphics. Don't forget to think BIG - create a one of a kind display for your pylon signs and billboards.

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Facade signage of a pediatric dentistry with space themed backgrounds, alien and astronaut sculpted reliefs
sculpted dental business exterior sign featuring blue elephants and faux wood
a custom jungle themed sign accompanied by sculpted bamboo and a cute elephant character for a kids dental clinic
Outdoor pediatric clinic sign featuring faux rock detailing with overlooking saber tooth and dinosaur characters
Front view of dentistry office with custom sign of sculpted lion holding cub with business logo underneath
Billboard signage of a kids dental clinic with swinging monkey and safari inspired art
Kids dentistry practice sign with custom jungle logo and company name on outdoor billboard
Exterior signage of a dental clinic with large sculpted jungle animals hanging around
Gorilla eating a giant apple as part of a exterior sign for a dental and orthodontic office
Wrap around outdoor signage of a family orthodontic clinic with giant custom sculpted braces
Entrance signage for a pediatric office made to look like cracked stone surrounded by friendly sculpted lion characters
Facade sign of a pediatric dentistry featuring vibrant company logo on surfboard with a smiling frog
Giant outdoor sculpture and signage of a pediatric dentistry featuring an octopus holding up a sailboat with a pelican character
Custom black and gold vintage signage for a childrens dentistry clinic


Interior signage by IDS helps patients find their way through your office. We offer many options for creating your custom signage. Sculpted 2D signs, laser-cut acrylic letters, and heavy-duty PVC board with high-quality decals can be all combined to make eye-catching signs.

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Decorative ceiling tilling of a sculpted construction worker holding directional signs for a kid friendly dental office
Wrap around signage for a reception desk with sculpted planes spelling out welcome in a themed dentist clinic
Close up of fun fact board with information on plaque and full view of interactive education station on teeth in a pediatric dentistry
A custom sculpted sign depicting penguin characters breaking through ice surrounded by snow with logo of pediatric office in the center
Side by side of two colorful signposts in a beach themed pediatric dentistry
Tooth shaped welcome signage for an interactive education station with an owl doctor character in a kid friendly dentistry
Interactive sign with information on healthy teeth and dentist owl character inside a barn themed education room
Themed surfboard reception desk signage with colorful office name and smiling frog mascot
Lodge inspired custom signage with an painting beaver sculpted mascot
Door sign with perched toucan, parrot and sculpted tree surrounds for entrance way to kids play area in dental clinic
Rope hung pirate ship sign with a skull and friendly green parrot holding toothbrush for a dental office
Ceiling hung sculpted toothbrush with bark detailing and flying geese flying on top
Brushing station metal signage wrapped around planet like wall feature with orbiting toothbrushes
Sculpted beaver dam with bright green welcome sign and friendly beavers in a waiting area
Dental treatment bay numbered signs designed like colorful surfboards for an ocean themed pediatric office
Mounted washroom door signs made like ship portholes with underwater murals for a underwater themed office
Custom made sign for a childrens dentistry hung above a reception desk with cute rain forest animals and faux palm trees
Tooth brushing fact surfboard and sculpted ant holding up leaf shaped welcome sign for a kids play area
Gendered bathroom signage with tropical island themed plants and multicolored animals
Charging station sign featuring bright fireflies, deep green foliage and a bright pink flower
Custom orthodontic office wall signage featuring friendly construction worker


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